Pomerol wine

Pomerol is the smallest production area of the major Bordeaux appellations, meaning extremely limited supply of these wines, leading to high prices for the most sough-after wines. There is no classification in Pomerol appellation, but if one existed, there is no doubt that Pétrus would be a first-growth. The most prestigious wine in the world is appreciated by the finest connoisseurs. It owes its fame to its particular perfume of truffle and its aspect of black ink which has given to Pétrus its nickname of Merlot blood.


“North of Libourne is a region of small vineyard holdings in which Merlot is king. The unusual concentration of iron oxide in the soil accounts for the unique character of Pomerol wines. The illustrious Pétrus has made this appellation, one of the smallest in Bordeaux, world-renowned. The beautiful deep color and inimitable violet and truffle bouquet of Pomerol and Lalande-de-Pomerol wines impress people just beginning to appreciate fine wine as much as they do the most demanding connoisseurs. These wines are sensual and can also be enjoyed quite young.”

Château Pétrus
Drinking a glass of Pétrus is indeed a rare privilege. Pétrus is a masterpiece of a wine that beguiles the senses with a complex array of alluring scents and flavours. No other wine in Bordeaux captures as much reverence – or has demand exceeding supply – as does Château Pétrus.

Château Lagrange (not classified) is managed by the owners of Pétrus and provides a much cheaper example of the best of Pomerol.

Although Pomerol wines are not subject to classifications, this is a list of the very best in order of quality:

  • Château Pétrus (cru exceptionnel)
  • Château L’Evangile
  • Château la Conseillante
  • Château Trotanov-Vieux
  • Château-Certan
  • Château Beauregard
  • Château Certan Giraud
  • Château Certan-De-May
  • Château Certan-De-Gay
  • Château l’Eglise-Clinet
  • Château Gazin
  • Château La Fleur-Pétrus
  • Château Latour-à-Pomerol
  • Château Nenin
  • Château René
  • Château de Sales
  • Château Lafleur-Gazin
  • Château Clinet
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