The easiest way to travel to the house is by air with Ryanair from Liverpool to Bergerac. Flights operate on Tuesdays and Saturdays from the end of March to the end of October.

The season starts on 27 March and ends on 27 October.

The 2018 flights are:

  • Tuesdays depart Liverpool 14:00 (arrive 16:50);  depart Bergerac 17:15 (arrive 18:05)
  • Saturdays depart Liverpool 14:00 (arrive 16:50); depart Bergerac 17:15 (arrive 18:05)

The journey from the airport is easy. Aim for Bergerac and then take the D936 towards Bordeaux. Take a right turn at the roundabout after Le Windsor night club (there is a Toyota garage on the corner) towards Prigonrieux and Montpon. After 1km at the first roundabout, turn left towards Prigonrieux. Continue straight to Le Fleix. At Le Fleix take a right to Saint-Méard-de-Gurson. Having crossed the D708 continue to the right turn to Carsac-de-Gurson. Continue through Carsac-de-Gurson and then continue through (bearing slightly left at the junction in Saint-Martin-de-Gurson) past Source Cristaline and you’ll see the house on the right – 30 Route du Lac.


Ryanair at LimogesRyanair’s Limoges flights operate From Manchester on Tuesdays and Sundays all year round and also on Thursday and Fridays in July and August.

The Winter 2017 timetable is: 

  • Thursdays depart Manchester 13:40 (arrive 16:25); depart Limoges 16:50 (arrive 17:35)
  • Sundays depart Manchester 13:40 (arrive 16:25); depart Limoges 16:50 (arrive 17:35)

From 6 April 2018 the Thursday flights move to Fridays (depart Manchester 12:10; arrive 14:55 – depart Limoges 15:20; arrive 16:05).

From 17 April Tuesday flights are added (depart Manchester 12:20; arrive 15:05 – depart Limoges 15:30; arrive 16:15).

The three days per week service continues until 26 October.

The drive from Limoges is about two hours. On weekdays take the autoroute towards Brive to avoid heavy traffic in Périgueux. At weekends you should be fine on the N21.

If you fly to Limoges then I highly recommend a visit to Oradour-sur-Glanes, a permanent memorial in the form of a preserved town to the atrocities of the SS in the second world war. If you do go, please observe the “silence” signs that you see as you walk round and see the destroyed businesses and the pock marks in the church where the inhabitants were mercilessly massacred. Melted glasses and twisted spectacles in the museum bring home the horror of war. It’s 16km from the airport.


Expanded service in 2018

easyjetFor 2018 Easyjet have expanded their timetable from Liverpool to Bordeaux.

The service starts on Saturday 5 May and runs three days per week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays) and increases to four days per week from 1 July. The four days per week service continues until Sunday 2 September

  • Tuesdays depart Liverpool 18:10 (arrive 21:00); depart Bordeaux 21:30 (arrive 22:15)
  • Thursdays (from 17 May) depart Liverpool 09:40 (arrive 12:30); depart Bordeaux 13:00 (arrive 13:45)
  • Saturdays depart Liverpool 13:20 (arrive 16:10); depart Bordeaux 16:40 (arrive 17:25)
  • Sundays depart Liverpool 06:25 (arrive 09:15); depart Bordeaux 09:45 (arrive 10:30)

Bordeaux-Merignac airport is on the far side (west) of Bordeaux as far as the house is concerned. It can be a bit fiddly to get round the outer ring-road (Rocade) and to negotiate the various junctions around the city. However, once you get on to the A86 (towards Perigueux) it’s an easy drive until you leave (at junction 12), then it’s just a few kilometres to the house.

When using Bordeaux Airport it’s vital to allow lots of time for the traffic, particularly at rush hours. It’s not unusual to encounter delays of 30-90 minutes on the ring road, particularly if there is an accident. You can check the traffic flow on the Rocade in real time here.


Jet 2Jet2 are a welcome addition to our list of Bergerac options for 2018. They are operating a Saturday service from Manchester from 26 May to 22 September. Flights from Manchester depart at 07:25 and arrive at 10:25 with the return to Manchester departing at 11:10 and arriving at 12:10.

You can follow flights by using

These are the flight numbers to follow:

Liverpool-Bergerac: FR9918

Bergerac-Liverpool: FR9919

Manchester-Limoges: FR38

Limoges-Manchester: FR39

Liverpool-Bordeaux (Sat afternoon): EZY7075

Bordeaux-Liverpool (Sat afternoon): EZY7076

Liverpool-Bordeaux (evening): EZY7077

Bordeaux-Liverpool: EZY7078

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