Tour de Michel de Montaigne


St Michel de Montaigne, is the château where the philosopher Montaigne wrote the Essays which still today inspire the world over.


OK, this is not for everyone. It’s really nearby and was the home of Michel de Montaigne, the 16th century inventor of the essay. Nearly 500 years ago, his main question was “What do I know?”, which survives until now. If you’re feeling studious, this is a “must visit”.

The Tower of Michel de Montaigne, on the borders of the Bordeaux area and the Perigord, was Montaigne’s refuge. He wrote his book, “les Essais”, in this tower between 1571 and 1592. Coming here is an invitation to follow in the footsteps of the famous philosopher, through a complete evocation of his life, his time, his work and his thoughts.

Here’s a Tripadvisor review from a visitor from Portland, Oregon:

We hadn’t planned on visiting here. We hadn’t even noticed it in our readings, which focused on our destination near Les Eyzies. But a stop for pastry and coffee slowed us down enough to notice the sign pointing up a road into the hills.

It was a splendid discovery. Gentle summer weather made everything sparkle. The views from the chateaux are enormous. The history of building and rebuilding here, provides interesting layers. I tried to recall Montaigne’s essays, which I’d dutifully read long ago, but could only evoke a vague sense of the man. Yet, standing on the terrace of this opulent house, walking the same paths, enjoying these gardens, gazing at the same fresh fields across the valley, I knew perhaps more about him than I’d ever gotten from studies. I wondered how he treated his servants. His family. His horse.

When we left, we decided we should follow the dendritic roads that lace the hills. Tiny, exquisite villages at every turn. With slow being just the right pace. Lost being impossible. Perhaps more philosophical than before.

You need to do the tour with an English guide and here’s some help in that regard from the proprietors:

…We can make a guided tour for you in English at 14 on the afternoon or 10 on the morning the guided tour it’s more or less 30 minutes in English , but you have also a wine tasting and you can walk around the garden , you can spend easily one hour and half here. Manon – Touristic manager of the Château de Montaigne


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