Le Petit Gurson

We first arrived in Saint-Martin-de-Gurson in 2004 and I’ve always thought that it was never quite finished. Over the last few years the church has been cleaned, the Mairie and Salle des Fêtes have been restored and the roads have been improved, with the addition of a well, so that it now looks like a beautiful Dordogne village to match any of those in the area.

We have been without a bar restaurant in the village for the last four (or five?) years but now the new “Gursons” bar restaurant has capped off the renovation. The interior is clean and modern, with an open plan while retaining the character of the bar. It’s a credit to the people who have been involved in the restoration. I’m delighted that the staff are French because, after all, we are in France. That said, it appeals to both French and British visitors. This afternoon, the only English voices I heard were at a dinner table outside after lunch.

The menu is simple with (today) choices of Salade Périgordine, Entrecôte, Magret and “Fish and Ships”. There is also a sharing tapas option in the bar for 10 euros.

My first visit was great, with excellent food. The second was not so good with a tough entrecôte and a less impressive version of the starter (oeufs parfait). However, I understand that improvements are on the way.

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3 thoughts on “Le Petit Gurson

  1. Martin Malone

    I want to be there now!

    I think that I need to sort out a weekend trip in the next few weeks. Easier to do at this time of year with the summer schedules so it must be done!!

  2. Martin Malone

    It seems to be closed this year, at least for now. There is a “for sale” sign on a door adjoining the bar. However, there are convenient alternatives at the Lac de Gurson and the neighbouring village, Villefranche de Lonchat. By the way, Villefranche is currently having lots of work done with new roads and pavements. Should be great when it’s done. The Loong Chat and the Hotel du Commerce are both open and both good calls for visits / drinks / meals.

  3. Martin Malone

    All is fine now! Stephane is a superb patron and John cooks superb pizzas! There is normally a menu including steak and chips as well as Perigourdine options including exciting salads and, of course, numerous duck options!

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