The French “roadmap to freedom”

On 29 April Emmanuel Macron outlined the French equivalent of the UK’s “roadmap to freedom”, perhaps somewhat optimistically, given that France has the second highest European infection rates, after Turkey.

The current infection rates for selected relevant countries are as follows (rates per 100,000):

  • Turkey 940 (just announced a full lockdown)
  • France 694
  • Croatia 691
  • Poland 650
  • Netherlands 594
  • Greece 372
  • Italy 338
  • Germany 312
  • Spain 247
  • Ireland 108
  • Portugal 75
  • UK 42

Cutting through all the conjecture, I think that there is no chance that countries with a rate of 100 or more will get “green” status and 200 or more “amber” status. Remember that the threshold last year was 20/100,000. Working above that is an invitation to import infection, even for fairly well vaccinated countries such as the UK.

Anyway, back to the French announcement and here is the roll-out:

I hope that these targets can be adhered to but, if truth be told, I can’t see France being a realistic option for UK tourists until the autumn except, perhaps, for those who have been double-jabbed. Let’s hope that I’m wrong!

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