COVID-19 special disposal bags

The French Government has directed that used masks, tissues and other similar items must now be disposed of in a special bag, which is then placed in the non-recycling (green) bin. Here’s the message:

Start of the distribution of paper bags in recycling centers from Tuesday 11 August 2020


In order to curb the spread of Covid 19 and to protect people who collect waste, the government has asked individuals to throw their used handkerchiefs, masks and gloves in a dedicated bag, before putting them in the trash (black bags).

To prevent this type of waste from being thrown into nature and not generating additional waste with the use of plastic bags, from Tuesday August 11, SMD3 will provide users of the department with the equivalent of 2 million bags. made of biodegradable paper.

Users can therefore go to any waste collection center in the department to collect a free supply of bags during opening hours (to be consulted on under the waste collection point).

More info >>> User relations service: 09 71 00 84 24 /

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