Getting a taxi

Getting a taxi in France is not as straightforward as you might think.

For a number of years we had the lovely local service of Maggy Taxi, based in Villefranche. That was significant because taxis charge from the point of departure and they’re quite expensive.

However, we’ve now identified a really good local service called AJ-VTC, Les Chauffeurs Privés de Dordogne. A return trip to Buckets Auberge Inn in Montazeau cost 40 euros and a return trip to the very impressive in new ownership L’Un des Sens (formerly the Hotel du Commerce) cost 30 euros.

As well as finding a reasonably priced taxi, the other challenge is making the booking!

If you’re French is up to it and you’re feeling confident, you can call them on [+33] 0777 902147.

However, helpfully, AJ-VTC has an online booking form that you can access here:

Its pretty easy to use. You start with your email address, then Sujet which is réservation, Nom (surname), Prénom (first name), Téléphone (remember to preface your UK phone number with +44 and leave out the first zero), Lieu de départ (place of depart – 30 Route du Lac, St-Martin-de-Gurson, 24610, Dordogne), Destination – (your destination) and Message (your dates and times for depart and return).

It makes sense to make your reservation as soon as possible, perhaps before your visit, to make sure that you have time to confirm you’re booking.

There is also an option for choosing some days out to local venues including Bastides and vineyard visits

Days out include:

  • Bastide de Sainte Foy la Grande on market day (Saturday and classified as the best in France in 2015)
  • Saint-Emilion (highly recommended)
  • Villefranche de Lonchat (a local option)
  • Beaumont du Périgord (a beautiful Bastide)
  • Monestier
  • Monpazier (the best Bastide)

Vineyard visits include:

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